I am the original/current founder and owner of a gun shop I named Vulcan Armory.

I unexpectedly began my interests in firearms when I was only 14 years old when my father lent me his pistol for target practice one random day. Firearms have always been my “thing” ever since. They were always so insanely interesting to me, their designs, how they work, the engineering and determination behind each one, the history involved, all so fascinating. I like guns for the guns themselves, not the scene, social media, ego reasons, the groups, the politics, none of that nonsense. I got a job when I was 16 so I could by my first rifle at 18 which happened to be an AK47 (mom was not as thrilled as me!), and from there my passion burned higher.

Unfortunately, I never had the funds to pay for classes and expertise professionally. And growing up in the middle of nowhere, there really wasn’t anywhere even offering higher knowledge. Everybody who was a “gun guy” in my hometown had a shotgun for home defense and a bolt gun for deer and that was it. My father who lent me the pistol initially was by no means a “gun guy”, but rather a regular guy just wanting something for home defense and nothing else. He hardly knew the fundsmentals of shooting and I definetly had to break a lot of bad habits I was initially taught. Today, I am completely, 100% self-taught (unitl further notice). I definitely learned a lot from trial an error, and knowing how to properly browse the web for information provided by others who enjoy spreading their knowledge for those willing to learn has helped me come a long way, and now it’s time I contribute as well.

I spent countless hours online trying to differentiate the good info from the bad info, which can be very daunting for a beginner as it is very hard to confirm legitimacy and other things when you don’t even know what to look for in the first place. Sometimes information was limited, sometimes there was nothing at all. Sometimes, there were troll posts and sarcastic videos that hindered my learning, being young and somewhat naive as I was back then I would occasionally fall into the trap. The internet is a cruel place sometimes.

I ultimately learned through harsh criticism from internet trolls, friendly strangers at the ranges, countless hours of research and readings, but most importantly, getting out there and actually doing it. I had to spend tons of money on an array of things I didn’t really know all that much about just so I could have the experience myself. You can read all you want but if you don’t try anything you will never learn.

It took years for me to finally nail down personal preferences, and what types of things (or brands/companies) to trust or avoid. This is no easy task when you’re alone in the dark! Another thing I learned is certain magazines will write a good review about ANYTHING and pass it off as quality for a payout, even if the rest of the world knows for sure that it is false which is just plain wrong and misleading to newcomers!

With all of this being said, to this day I am still learning new things every single day.

I am completely self-funded. I have no loans, assets, investors, sponsorships, or rich parents/family/friends (contrary to local rumors). Everything I do is all me. All the things I have, I have either purchased myself or was so graciously allowed to borrow. So even if I have no idea how a product or firearm works, I have to buy it and learn from there. I still do tons of research with each post I write. Each post usually takes me about a week or more to write as I am trying to be as accurate and informative as possible.

I am constantly running into something I am curious about that I have to try, so I will always have something to throw up on this blog.