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Mossberg Shockwave Shotgun

shockwavepic copy

I’ve always wanted a sawed off shotgun and never had an interest in any NFA stamps. I will say this right off the bat — I am not a shotgun guy, in-fact prior to this I only own one shotgun which is the KelTec KSG 12ga bullpup shotgun. I’ve owned a DDI  12ga AK shotgun, Mossberg 500 and the 590 Cruiser and I’ve shed all of those from my collection. My biggest problem with shotguns is that they only have an effective range of 75 yards, even with slugs. The typical shotgun ranges from 38 to 48 inches based on barrel and stock. I can’t stand the fact that a gun as long as my precision bolt actions has an effective range of 75 yards, not to mention that shotguns are naturally heavy and low capacity. I don’t hunt birds, so to me these features are useless (as so with anyone else who is not a bird hunter). I don’t like them for home defense because even if you use buckshot, your lucky to connect half of the pellets onto one target. Let’s not forget the time you spend manually racking the gun will get you killed in a firefight against a semi auto. My choice is a pistol caliber “pistol with brace”, like the CZ Scorpion Evo or the Angstadt AR-9 semi auto sub guns – basically guns that were built for CQB.

Now with that being said, I bought a Mossberg Shockwave the second it became available because of one major reason: length. The reason I only owned a KSG is because I believe a shotgun is so limited on range it needs to be short and compact to have a real world (tactical, not hunting) use. My primary use for the Mossberg Shockwave is a small gun for camping to be used on an aggressive animal within 10 yards and sit in a bug out bag in my vehicle.

Now enough with the rambling and onto the gun itself. The fit and finish is Mossberg standard, a little less bluing on moving parts and rough spots on the furniture, nothing important or major. The action is smooth and the balance is front heavy which is good for a short pistol grip shotgun.

  • features include a heavy 12 ga barrel mossberg 590 heavy receiver with dual extractors.

How does it shoot ??? : range day we ran 100 rounds of target 12 ga 2 3/4 loads with zero issues 5 plus one goes fast but the recoil was surprisingly low. this i would contribute to the shockwave birds head grip wrapping your wrist over the handle as opposed to the old pistol grip. saves your wrist from nasty recoil going square into your wrist. The gun flies straight back versus up, the loop on the pump really aids in control.  Aiming the gun from the hip is a b&#$, its a skill that takes practice holding the gun up and using the bead is more effective, this is a point shoot gun. targets 25-50 yards out were difficult to hit with buckshot, so the majority of my shooting was 10 yards because of the platforms limitations. I will not shoot slugs through this gun to attempt to extend the range as they are way too expensive to mortar at a target with limited sights and setup.

Apache helicopter hovering above us in the background!!

I would give the gun overall 4/5 stars as a shotgun and 3/5 stars a an overall firearm.

Its a great gun if you understand its heavy limitations and want something fun with limited practical use. I will not sell this gun despite its limitations. its size for a non NFA firearm is amazing and has a permanent place in my gun room next to my KSG.




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