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My Sad Realization: There Is No Single “Perfect Pistol”

Yeah maybe I’m late on this train, but I still think this is important to talk about.

Every day, I have customers that walk in and want to feel. Every. Single. Pistol. And then, they don’t even end up picking one at all because they are so dead set on this so called “perfect pistol” and none of them “felt right”.

Let’s talk about this. Like really talk about it. Because I thought for YEARS that there really was a single perfect pistol – until I went to change the grips on it and tension rod/spring flew all the way into Narnia or whatever and I couldn’t retrieve the piece. This pistol is decommissioned until I get that part back. NOT PERFECT.

My pistol, the one that’s sitting in a sealed plastic baggie in pieces so I don’t keep losing more parts, WAS my “perfect” pistol to me. I spent weeks on end of research on it before I bought it. I did a direct custom order through the manufacturer itself to make sure it was exactly what I wanted. It was the first pistol I bought exactly on my 21st birthday. I was sure it was perfect. But it’s not.

Why is there no perfect pistol?

Because each one has it’s pros and cons, uses and reasons. 


  1. My Smith & Wesson M&P40 is my beater, I use it daily and it gets beat up all day every day. Smacked off of counters, door knobs, things I might be carrying, whatever. It gets beat, it has dents and scrapes, I really don’t care and it doesn’t hurt my feelings when it gets scratched. I honestly couldn’t give two cares about this pistol. They are a dime a dozen to me. It’s a workhorse and nothing more. I know it will go bang when I fire it and that’s all that matters to me. My use for it: daily carry at my job.
  2. My CZ 75 (the one I wrote about a few weeks back) is my range toy. I take great care of it but I also shoot it quite often. My use for it: target shooting/pure fun.
  3. I also have an array of stow-away pistols. They sit in various places hidden away where only I can get them/know where they are and they get rotated from their “posts” to new places. These are the pistols that I know will go bang when I absolutely need it to, and I wouldn’t feel all too bad if it ever got confiscated from police after a self defense situation. My use for them: “truck” guns.
  4. There’s a few other pistols I own that I grease up and store with pouches of silica in the back of the safe and hardly ever shoot them (think a box of ammo a year). Why I have them: collector’s pieces.
  5. And then there’s a conceal carry piece which is the trickiest of all. There’s obviously a lot to consider here and I won’t even get into that because it’s a little off topic. Use for it: daily conceal carry.

So there’s the five groups of uses I like to bring up if someone is unsure with what they want for a purchase and what use they want to apply it to. (Well technically four groups since most people aren’t carrying a full size on their hip at their job unless of course you’re L.E.O or work directly in the firearms industry). So the “perfect” pistol would be the one that can fill ALL of these roles, day in and day out.


*And this is where the Glock 19 fanboys and girls commence their strong points right about here*

(Haha I kid, I kid)!

Now with all this being said, there really isn’t a pistol that can properly fill every single one of these roles. Especially when you start considering personal preferences, needs and other uses. (Especially if you want other family members to be able to use it, too).

My struggle right now is that I have to replace my beater work pistol soon, because I also want to be able to tuck it away under my clothes effortlessly when I get off from work so I can run errands right when I close the shop. I currently have two completely different pistols for this, and the one I happen to be eyeing fills three of the groups, but one of the categories falls into collector’s piece (my weakness). Not a good choice for something you might actually have to use in a defensive situation, or beat up everyday.

So what I’m really saying is:

There are five perfect pistols. 😉





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