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How the Smith & Wesson M&P Made Me Ditch my Glock

Just a head’s up before you continue reading, about 80% of this is P.O (Personal Opinion). I will label facts as needed.


Yeah you read that right.

So I’m going to go through a super quick, basic, not too deep into every little detail run down of the main reasons I did so.

I dumped my new Gen3 G22 for my S&W M&P .40. Yup, I don’t even own that Glock anymore. (Both are bone-stock out-of-the-box since I treated both of these guns like work pieces and not range toys/projects).

Crazy?? Not so much.

I’m not much a fan of either gun, honestly. But we all need at least one gun we don’t feel bad about beating up, scratching, throwing dirt in, whatever. I need a gun that can take a beating or two and still shine for me at the end of each day.

Seven things I like about the G22:

  • Reliable – we all know that!
  • To-the-point, no frills or thrills
  • Gets work done
  • Intuitive, once you learn to shoot one you just never forget no matter how long it’s been
  • So many holster and accessory options
  • Common magazines, easy to find and cheap options available
  • TONS of aftermarket stuff

Seven things I like about  M&P (.40):

  • Also reliable
  • Includes 3 swappable grip sizes
  • Comfortable to hold
  • METAL magazines
  • Still easy to find holsters and other accessories, including aftermarket parts
  • Good looking (or at least has more to look at than a base Glock does)
  • Fish-scale like cuts on the slide for extra grippy power (and it looks neat)

I don’t like starting off on a negative outlook which is why I started off with that list – yes, they both have somewhat similar pros. It’s not fair to list just the goods or the bads, I always try to do both when in a comparison. So here’s the bads:

Some things I don’t like about the G22 (remember, STOCK, out of the box ready, factory):

  1. I absolutely cannot reach that magazine latch. Quick mag releases? Non existent for me. I have to do a gangster lean to reach the magazine latch. Looks cool in movies, but not in real life.
  2. This probably contributes to the fact that it’s a double stack .40 cal but that grip is so damn fat I can’t wrap my hands around it quite right.
  3. It’s just plain textbook boring. I don’t like boring guns, so it’s quite a turn off. It just looks like “ugh, gotta go to work”.
  4. Trigger. I am by no means a “trigger snob” but it’s just… mushy.

Some things I don’t like about the S&W M&P .40 (also stock out of the box, factory):

  1. Trigger. It’s that weird hinge style that no one seems to quite understand. It’s also a bit gritty from time to time, and hard to tell when it’s near its break. This is why almost all M&P owners drop in an aftermarket trigger pack, I finally get it.
  2. When you slam a magazine hard into the gun in its seated position, the slide goes forward. At first I didn’t care all that much, but after some thought that could use some improvement.

Pay attention to each of those points I made. I weighed my pros and cons with each pistol and the Glock turned out to have more negatives than the M&P. The cons on the Glock were also a bigger problem, regardless of how many more than the M&P. Notice how I didn’t like the trigger on either, so that didn’t really affect my choice too much. What really killed the Glock for me was that I’ve always struggled with being able to reach the magazine latch – extremely important to stay on target in between fast reloads, and just reloads in general.

(P.E) The Gen3 G22 is bit more jumpy than the M&P40, and harder to keep on target under quick shooting. This is important with .40, if this was 9mm I wouldn’t even talk about this. During mag dumps I would have my groupings spread out faster and more drastically on the G22 than the M&P40. I can get a much better grip on the M&P40 with my choice of three different sized grips and a great, deep beaver tail, which not only helps tighten my groupings but I can dump the mags faster.

I am by no means a great pistol shooter, average at best. Which is great for this post because these are average guns for average shooters like myself. However, I do challenge myself time to time and line up 6 shotgun clays up against a fat log and try to nail them as fast as I can 15 yards away. With the G22 I consistently was able to punch out 2-3 each try. With the M&P40 I was consistently able to punch out 4-5. Honestly I would say the pistols Tie accuracy wise if an above average shooter were to put them head-to-head, but the M&P40 is much easier to control resulting in a more rewarding shooting experience for its user, no matter the level of skill.

I know you’re thinking about how crazy I am about how I listed the Glock mags to be a negative impact because of compatibility, reliability, easy to read round counter on the back, etc etc. I just really, really hate the seemingly purposely sharpened metal lips. When I was learning how to load mags oh so long ago they would literally shave my fingertips off if I had slipped. Let’s not mention that in the past years I’ve been shooting, I’ve actually busted Glock mags in a variety of ways (springs not working correctly, floorplates sitting all weird). I haven’t forgotten that!

Something else I should note about the companies:

Glock’s customer service SUCKS. I have dealt with them 4 times in the past and each time has been a terrible, negative, long, dragged out experience — over the SAME issue. And they absolutely love to play the blame game on you, the customer, about their product failures/defects. I hope I never have to deal with them again.

Smith & Wesson’s customer service: I can’t say. Never had to contact them so far.

That might be something worth thinking about!

*NOTE (important note so read!): I am by no means an excellent handgun shooter. I consider myself pretty average when it comes to skill set of pistols. So if you’re an average pistol shooter, this is a great comparison. If you are a competitive shooter, or have lots of professional real-time training, you’ll probably laugh at my miniscule problems.


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