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CZ 75 B Ω (Omega) Urban Grey Suppressor Ready // Initial Unboxing


Initial Specifications:

Chambering: 9mm Luger
Magazine Capacity: 18
Magazine Type: Double Stack
Frame: Steel
Grips: Plastic
Trigger Mech: DA/SA
Barrel: Cold Hammer Forged
Barrel Length: 5.11 in
Weight: 35.7 oz
Overall Length: 8.8 in
Height: 6.1 in
Width: 1.4 in
Safety: Swappable Ambi Safety and Decocker, Safety Stop on Hammer, Firing Pin Block Safety
(Source: CZ USA)


First off – damn this gun was hard to get my hands on! I did research on the CZ 75 series in general for about 4 months before making a move to pick one. When I made my decision on this particular model I was put on a waiting list with multiple distributors of mine which I patiently waited on for another 4 months before I finally accepted the fact that I am not going to get it from my dealers and I’m going to have hunt this sucker down.

I ended up finding it on some mysterious website on the interwebs with some serious willpower and about 16 pages into Google, and after tax and shipping (and no FFL fee since I’m my own shop) I paid around $560-ish all said and done. Still not too bad!

Then it arrived!



Definitely a sweet little box to pop open, props for presentation and the fact that it’s a real, reusable hard case and not some cardboard junk. Out-of-the-box it comes with 2 magazines, some cleaning rods and tools, the manual (English and Czech versions), the lock of course, the pieces to switch the safety out for a decocker and even a copy of the target this exact pistol fired at from the testing station at the factory – serious thumbs up for that. Shout out to the shooter for a nice grouping, really shows what the pistol is capable of with a good shooter behind it. Way cool! Not bad for a stock pistol for under $700.


However, I was feeling lukewarm to discover that CZ USA only provides a 5 Year LIMITED Warranty. Ugh. Of course we all prefer no questions asked warranty, but I suppose that if I find any factory defects I will definitely find it within 5 years. *shrug*


Moving forward,

This gun is also included with threaded barrel (1/2 X 28) with the thread protector and suppressor height Tritium night sights front and rear. Nice!

The color is absolutely gorgeous. I had never seen the pistol in real life before this purchase so I was a little worried that it was going to look too white since that how it looks when photographed. But lo and behold it doesn’t! Photos really can’t do justice for the finish. It looks great in any lighting, bright or dark (top and bottom photo). It has hints of FDE and grey, and it is just the right amount of both. It is extremely unique, and it is factory cerakote so you know it’s durable, so wear and tear won’t be a problem here. There were no uneven lines, bubbles, or any fault in the finish across the entire pistol. Flawless.

Within just the first 2 minutes of examination I was definitely impressed right away. Not only does it look great, it feels great too. Especially for the price point, I mean, really. If you like steel framed pistols like the Beretta for an example, no doubt will you love this. And if you already own the traditional styled CZ75, this will compliment it very nicely. The smooth molds in the frame of the grip are universal to anyone’s hands, it almost melts in your hands.

It’s balanced. I am really not a fan of pistols that have that un-balanced feeling and I can tell right away if it is or isn’t. It’s very easy to maneuver, and it’s easy to point-shoot quickly. One thing I like mostly is that you don’t have that guessing feeling of where your hands and fingers belong when you grab it, they kind of just melt into place almost naturally.

The trigger feels great. No grits, grinds, guessing where the break is, none of that nonsense. Smooth and crisp, better than a Cola with Chinese food at the buffet (hehe)! I’m not much of a “trigger snob” at all but having a smooth trigger is always a bonus – especially right out of the box so you can enjoy it right away.

The only somewhat off thing I found when racking the slide is that there isn’t a lot of room to actually grasp the slide to rack it back. I’m sure with some practice I’ll get it down to second nature, but I can see how people with larger hands/fingers may struggle with this.

At this point I’m already digging it. Right out of the box I can tell this will meet my expectations: I wanted a traditional/old school style with a modern twist that is highly enjoyable to shoot at various targets with – a range toy, really. Some would argue novelty, which is still fine by me. I can already tell just from unboxing it that this pistol really nailed that.

I will be doing another write up at some point going into more details about how it actually shoots, and what is and isn’t capable of.



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