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A Guide to my Blog

First thing first: I do not get paid by anybody or any company to talk about anything I write about. I freelance all of this with my own time and money. I am no way endorsed by anyone other than myself.

Throughout my blog, especially in the firearms section you might see labels through each one. Here’s a quick guide so you can understand each label and why I do label them. This quick guide will you be able to read and understand my blog better.

(Fact) : Exactly how you see it, I am stating a fact through valid research and other validity I come across (i.e directly from the company/manufacturer)

(P.O) : Personal Opinion. Please note that I will only add my personal opinion on something if I feel that it may help someone. I always try to be unbiased but as always with any personal opinion from anybody it may seem biased. You may find it useful or you can take it with a grain of salt. Hopefully I do help you, though.

(P.E) : Personal Experience. Much different from a personal opinion. This is through my experience(s) that I am sharing to help aid in more information. Something(s) that actually happened in my experience(s).

(P.E/P.O) : Sometimes I will combine the two above as I find necessary, as sometimes my personal experience will help define my personal opinion (as with anybody).

I will always try to post more facts than anything else for obvious reasons and as stated before, I will ONLY add a P.O if I feel that it may help pass on information, again, take it with a grain of salt if you wish.